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<You Are Living
Someone Else’s Dream>

Location: Yi Gallery, Sunset Park, NY, USA
Year: 2023
30”(w) x 84"(d) x 33”(h)
Materials: concrete, rebar, grates, soil, live plants, clay, concrete brick, prints

This installation was first a concept proposal for an art installation open call in 2020 during the COVID lockdown. A year later, I fabricated an iteration of it as a display design for the pop-up store of WORM in Brooklyn, NY. It was utilized as a display surface for merchandise. The title of this piece was called <A Table, Roughly Two And A Half By Seven>.

In 2023, the table was re-purposed “back” into an installation, titled <You Are Living Someone Else’s Dream>, combining the ideas from the initial proposal and the notions of “tabling something” and “putting something back on the table”. It was shown at Yi Gallery in New York together with the work of Spanish ceramic artist Mar Ramón Soriano between June - July 2023. The title of the show was <Every Place Is Also Another>.

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