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The Study of Mundane

Solo Exhibition at Gallery GAIA\

New York, March 2020


The mundane speaks in a language you don’t yet fully understand.

But it does speak. Especially in the bathroom. Between the curtain. The bathtub. The lotion bottles. The sink. The faucet. The mirror. The toilet. The tissue paper. 

And sometimes the stairs. Sometimes the living room, when light is off and everybody goes to bed.
It is trying to tell you something. In a loud whisper. 
So how do you decode that? How do you study a language? How does one study a language? It shouldn’t be a foreign language. It’s a native one. But may be a slang.
How does one study a language? How does a field linguist study an undocumented language?
You need to collect data. A substantial database of “this means that”.

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