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Hong Kong

2012-spring semester

University of Hong Kong

Sited in one of the world’s densest cities, a new residential high-rise in Hong Kong must provide a profound, provocative solution to tackle the issue of high-dense community development.

In public housings of the 70s, the sense of “neighborhood” evolved along the corridors. More than a mere transition space between street and home, corridors were where housewives prepared dinner and where children played after schools. 

New residential towers allocate semi-public programs on the club-house podium where space is sufficient. But such communal spaces are easily by-passed by the use of elevators. The development of community within a tower is a lot stronger when communal space are allocated along the corridors – the daily circulation routes.

A new form of residential high-rise shall emerge by combining the “corridor typology” and “club-house typology” and therefore generate a new residential typology for high-dense dwelling. 

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