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Hong Kong Exhibition

2015 HKSZ Biennale (short-listed, unbuilt)

Area: ~7 square meter

team members: Paul Mok, Christiane Lange, Andres Delpon, Piotr Winiewicz

In an imaginary scenario, Hong Kong will be divided into 3 zones: the nationalized zone, the central-business buffer zone, and the “autonomic Hong Kong”. By 2047 every Hong Kong resident, that has reached the age of 16, declares one.

Following the research of eight developments in Hong Kong: in the New Territories, Mong Kok, and Hong Kong Island, the exhibition set up then places these found development modes and patterns into this scenario. Thereby the scenario provokes and challenges the existence of very specific inherent political, social, and territorial conflicts of a contemporary Hong Kong. Found and recreated spatial conditions are dealing with aspects of affordability and land shortage, middle class protectionism and integration, top down government policy and cultural identity, heritage preservation and urban renewal, sustainable urban development and injected housing demand, hyper efficiency and public realm. In each case specific actors, or actor relationships and geo-political conditions formulate a type of urbanism and thus disappearance of a public realm.

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