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Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Korea

2015 Aging Dragon Exhibition

currated by Beyond Big Plans

Team members: Christiane Lange (curator of the Hong Kong team), Paul Mok, Inge Goudsit, Susanne Trumpf, Andres Delpon, Melissa Cate Christ, Roberto Requejo, Adrienne Simons

Aging Dragon Exhibition is a joint exhibitions among representatives from Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Although Hong Kong is rather a short story within the development of cities - compared to others - due to its unique political, geographical, cultural, and environmental forces Hong Kong has become a model for an ever-growing high-density metropolis. When other cities enter shrinkage, or development bubbles due to the rhythm of market circles and population flows, the limitation of space in Hong Kong forces the constant growth of the City. 

The following contributions exhibit the unique development modes of Hong Kong. They aim to find critical positions towards the actors in play, and raising conflicts between ever-growth and aspects of heritage preservation and urban renewal, environment and density, government policies and market forces, housing distribution and land ownership, hyper efficiency and public realm.

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